Hosting your own Email and Mail Server

Hosting your own Mail Server

A number of us understand that email is one of the most important tools for services, however do you understand that it is likewise one of the most secondhand tools for individual usage also? Most of individuals around the world use e-mail for their communication purposes, but an excellent number of them are uninformed of how they can host their own mail server. If you are among those who do not have a web hosting account and want to host your mail server, then you are in the right location.

Mail is a really important tool for any business, however if you do not know how to host your own mail server, then you may face some troubles. For example, if you are a company owner and your business is facing some problems with sending and receiving e-mails, then you will require to work with someone to repair the concern. It is much better to have a mail server to host your e-mails than to have the issues.

We understand that everybody uses email for individual purposes, however you need to keep in mind that some of the e-mail services are not readily available in all countries. This is why you may not receive some important messages in your inbox, since you lie outside the country where the service is available. In order to avoid such problems, it is best to have your own mail server and this is the best way to keep your individual e-mails safe.

What is a mail server?

A mail server is a computer system that shops and handles all your emails, so you do not have to worry about losing them. A mail server is generally a database that shops all your e-mails and keeps track of them, so you can check all your emails by accessing it.

A mail server is similar to a site, as you can also create your own site to save your emails. However, you require to know that a mail server is not free, as it requires a lot of storage space and other resources.

The initial step to host your own mail server is to buy a domain. When you have purchased the domain, you will need to acquire a web hosting package. You will also need to buy a domain server and a mail transfer representative (MTA).

You can purchase the domain server and the MTA independently, but it is best to purchase them together. An MTA is a piece of software application that assists you to send and get e-mails. You will likewise require a web hosting bundle to keep your website.

Once you have purchased all those products, you can start your mail server. You will need to set up the MTA software application on your computer and then configure it. After configuring the MTA, you will require to install the web hosting package and configure it too.

Finally, you will require to develop your MX record, as this is the DNS record that will inform other users that your mail server is online.

How To Set Up Your Own Email Server

Email is among the necessary services that any organization requires to keep its interaction with its employees, partners, clients, and so on.

Email is the most commonly used service by everyone, but it’s not extremely convenient to send e-mails to numerous accounts at the same time.

There are great deals of reasons that you need to establish your own email server.

Email spam

Spam emails are the most frustrating thing for any user, as they are getting e-mails every day and the majority of the time the spam e-mails are originating from unknown sources.

Setting up your own mail server will help you to filter out spam emails. You can set your own rules and policies to filter out spam e-mails.

Email security

With your own email server, you do not need to fret about security problems. You can establish your own firewall program, utilize an SSL certificate to encrypt the connection between you and your clients, and you can likewise have a virus scanner.


The most essential factor to set up your own e-mail server is to interact effectively with your staff members, partners, and clients.

You can also produce a group chatroom and you can share the files, images, videos, and other material with your team.


It is an easy task to set up your own e-mail server, however it is likewise very easy to set it up improperly.

If you are aiming to start an organization and you want to host your own e-mail server, then the very best method is to employ an expert email hosting service provider.

You can get the best e-mail hosting services from online marketplaces and you can likewise check the reviews and testimonials of the business before making your decision.