top 5 web hosting control panel systems

top 5 web hosting control panel automation systems

Web hosting is an amazing development on the web because it assists websites to be seen online and if you are a webmaster, then you realise your website won’t work properly without a web host.

For operating a website, you should install a hosting service on your computer and upload the site files to the server. To do this, you’ll need to connect your device to the hosting system through a cable. This is actually quite straightforward but if you’re unsure how to setup a server on your personal computer then you might want to use a web hosting control panel.

A service like this helps web administrators establish and manage their own web host. You should find one that matches your needs from among the many that can be found online – here are five of the very best hosting control panel automation programs:

Here are the top 5 best web hosting control panel automation software that will help you to run a successful web hosting business.

Cpanel: First, choose between buying or renting your domain name; then pick between basic or advanced plans; and finally decide if shared hosting will be sufficient for your situation.

Webmin: Use this free service by getting going with its usage as outlined in this article. Taking care of your own website doesn’t have to involve outsourcing since there is plenty of software out there specifically designed for it.


The Plesk web application is used by a great number of people, so chances are that if you look around online, you’ll find it in places like Facebook and

What’s more, when you choose this program, you’ll be able to do much more than just accessing your stored files – other settings related to your website can also be managed. When you get your new host set up, they will usually provide e-mail instructions on installing and configuring Plesk as well.

Another option available here is downloading a free version of this software – or opting for the paid version without paying any extra money if you decide to upgrade.


DirectAdmin, which is an advanced control panel automation system that comes with a wide range of features. DirectAdmin supports both Windows and Linux operating systems and provides an intuitive user interface for easy setup and management. It also offers automated backups, malware scans, and support for multiple domain names.

Once your account is created and active on a particular server, managing it might pose some difficulty due tot he sheer amount of tasks taking place- emails have to be checked often enough documents need FTP accounts setting up databases must be monitored – yet with ManageEngine this will become easier than ever! This piece of software provides ease while creating new sites plus handles content addition and configuration settings with complete proficiency Additionally, as ManageEngine runs entirely on cloud services , no downloads or installations will be necessary – all resources needed can be accessed online straight away! The great news keeps coming – users also have access to a free version of ManageEngine!                               ‎​

In conclusion: these discussed above are some of the best web based automation tools we came across when dealing with webhosting control panels Furthermore compatibility with both Windows & Linux OS has been accounted for . Hopefully everything mentioned above will add clarity towards effectively managing your issued hosting services !